1. The first six months after birth, a child can swallow and breathe at the same time. Adults cannot do this.
2. In a newborn baby, the weight of his head is a quarter of his total weight.
3. The size of eyes from birth to the end of life remains the same size.
4. According to statistics, most children are born on Tuesday.
5. In medieval England, if the prince was guilty or did something wrong, they beat other children instead of him, so to say special “Whipping boys”.
6. Babies have 300 bones whereas adults have 206. Bines fuses as babies grow.
7. Children don’t have kneecaps before 2-3 years.
8. Nigeria has the highest number of twins.
9. The 1st of June is an International Day for Protection of Children.
10. Seychelles celebrate children’s day for a month.

11. A Russian peasant woman, who lived in the 18th century, is considered a true record-holder for the birth of children; she had a total of 69 children.
12. In Sweden it is forbidden to use children under 12 years for advertising
13. In Denmark, 80% of women gives birth at home.
14. Scientists say that children constantly dealing with computers are much quicker in mathematics and 5 times faster in reading and writing.
15. Small children at the age of 3-4 years daily pronounce 12,000 words and ask about 900 questions.
16. In January and March, the highest number of children are born
17. Famous premature babies are: Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Mark Twain, Stevie Wonder, Pablo Picasso, Johann Goethe, and Sir Winston Churchill.

18. Children can engage in five activities at the same time.
19. Five-year-old Linda became the youngest mother.
20. Newborn baby cannot see blue color.
21. There is no parent meeting in Japan.
22. Not allowing child to play football is the most popular punishment method in Brazil.
23. The oldest woman gave birth to a son was 63 years old.
24. Germany has the lowest birth rate in the world.
25. Seven million children officially disappeared in America in 1987.
26. More than one child is not allowed in China.
27. Three-year-old children can participate in camel racing in the Arab countries.
28. The newborn urinates approximately every 20 minutes and then approximately every hour for 6 months.
29. Every three seconds in the world, a child is born.
30. 80% of children are born with a birthmark.