Existing system:
From the view of data security, the most important thing is cloud computing and new challenges to many threads.
Firstly, traditional cryptography data security cannot be directly adopted so the verification of correct data storage in the cloud must be conducted without explicit knowledge of the whole data. And verifying correctness of data storage in the cloud becomes even more challenging.
Secondly, cloud computing is not third party, and the data stored in the cloud may be frequently updated by the users, including insertion, deletion, modification, appending and reordering etc. and data correctness is very important. And data storage correctness across the multiple servers.
Proposed System
Here we to ensure the correctness of users data in the cloud, we rely on erasure correcting code in the file distribution preparation to provide redundancies and guarantee the data dependability. This construction drastically reduce the communication and storage overhead as compared to the traditional replication- based
File distribution techniques. So whenever data detected during the storage correctness verification, our scheme can almost guarantee the simultaneous localization of date errors, the identification of misbehaving server.
1. Compared to many of its predecessors, which only provide binary results about the storage state across the distributed servers, challenge and further provide the localization of error.
2. The new scheme support secure the efficient dynamic operation on data blocks, updates, deleting and append.
3. Exclusive security and performance analysis