8 Best Pickleball Shirts in 2018It is no secret that Pickleball is one of the games that attract diverse players in terms of age

8 Best Pickleball Shirts in 2018It is no secret that Pickleball is one of the games that attract diverse players in terms of age. As a matter of fact, you will find older players just as you will meet younger ones.
If you aren’t familiar with this game, you might be wondering why this is the case. I will answer that. I will also take you through a few things you sure would like to know about Pickleball, before diving right into the best shirts used in this game.
You cannot explain exactly what Pickleball is without mentioning badminton and table tennis or traditional tennis.
But does it mean it is either of them?
It is not. But it is brutally related. Just like the three games, you will need a court, a net, and a ball. The ball used in Pickleball is light in weight and has holes around it. It resembles traditional tennis in that players can play it in singles or in doubles.
Since Pickleball can be played in a small court, it is not as demanding as other games. This is why it can be played by younger people and older ones alike. While playing it, you might not realize you are undergoing some exercise since it’s more entertaining and doesn’t drain you of energy. It is fun, to say the least.
Want to add more fun to the experience?
Try out some Pickleball shirts.
Pickleball has some shirts customized to it, this is how special this game is treated. In fact, it is being played in different parts of the world.
Here is the deal:
The shirts have some phrases printed on them to spice up the experience with a fun. Most of the phrases are funny and downright crazy. Some utterly say: I’m a Heavy Dinker.
You might be wondering:
Many people actually go for them because such phrases don’t speak about their real life, it only takes the fun to greater heights. The game becomes more amusing, more fun and more interesting. I can’t explain well enough how it feels.
Here is an important part:
You sure want such shirts, and I will show you the best ones, but how will you take the pick? How will you pick that one shirt that will bring the best of you? That which will particularly resonate with you.
What to consider while choosing the best Pickleball shirts
Read the label and understand
Just like is said, they can be crazy. Sometimes even obscene. It would be brilliant to read the label and go for one that doesn’t go past your limits. I understand that you might be playing Pickleball with your family, and certainly you don’t want to sound weird, nor expose your children to obscene words in the name fun. You might want to reserve that to your buddies while out playing with them.
The bottom line:
The label should not be taken too seriously though, it doesn’t mean anything of your real life.
Consider the size
I can’t talk more here, this is a general knowledge. You need to choose a shirt that fits you well and gives you some space to run. Remember you are exercising, thus the shirt should give you some room for that.
The ground rule:
You should be comfortable in it.
Other personal preference
Pickleball shirts come in different designs ranging from color to material. Female and male designs are also distinct. Since you have the liberty to choose, you will have to choose the color that resonates with you. And so with the material used. Most of them are cotton though.
Want to know the best part of the article?
Let’s dive right into the best Pickleball shirts in the market
Pickleball Shirt: Just Dink It
Pickleball shirts employ a creative choice of words and witty phrases that bring fun to the game. This one is a short yet deep in the message. It is not a logo though, but a brand name. This phrase is an understatement of just drink it. Yes, just drink alcohol. It doesn’t have a direct relation to the game, but it brings fun along with it.
Away from the message it brings, this shirt comes in a classy and comfortable look. Thanks to the 100% cotton used. It comes in different colors to meet your preference. Such colors include black, dark blue, red, light blue. Men’s, as well as women’s designs, are available both bearing this phrase.
Size differs. Women’s design comes in sizes from small to the XL whereas men’s designs go up to 3XL.
One good thing about this shirt is that it is light in weight. It allows you to play Pickleball even in hot temperatures. The shirt also brings a classy look with its double-needle sleeves. Cleaning this shirt can be effectively done using a machine wash.
Pickleball Shirt: I Don’t Always Play Pickleball; Oh Wait, Yes I Do
Wear this Shirt the next time you will play Pickleball and you will be the center of attention. The first phrase comes as a sort of a contradiction now that you are here playing the game. What follows is a balancing phrase acknowledging the fact that you actually love Pickleball. There is nothing more amusing as this. It adds fun to the already enjoyable game. Even though the phrase is a little longer than the rest of the Pickleball shirts, the phrase is easy to read as it is divided into three parts.
Every avid Pickleball players should acquire this shirt. If you are quite reserved and no obscene words for you, this is the best shirt for you.
Both men and women’s fashion of this shirt are available. Your taste and preference are also covered. There are three distinct colors featuring this phrase. The only difference here is with their sizes. Women’s version has small sizes all through to the XL size. On the other hand, men’s version extends to 3XL.
This Pickleball shirt is particularly durable and comfortable to wear. It is made of 100% cotton. For the best experience, it should be washed using a machine and requires low heat. Such details will boost its durability. It has a lightweight with its particularly thin fabric to prevent the wearer from excess heat during the play sessions.
Pickleball Shirt: Zero, Zero, Two
If you haven’t chosen your shirt yet, this is your thing. Nothing actually beats the creativity employed here. The last ‘O’ in the three words have been illustrated with the Pickleball graphic itself. The three wording also leave those new players wondering what these words actually mean. Your pro friends will easily relate to it though. And to say the least, this shirt will speak for you. It speaks the language of the game. There is no more proof for Pickleball dedication than such printed words to your game garment. It will generally mean you are on the go just at every minute. It shows that Pickleball is part of your life. And this is a good gesture. You might convince a friend along the way to join the world of Pickleball. This can even happen without speaking literally, a label does all that.
What it more?
The shirt feels comfortable and is durable. It is made of 100% cotton. This make comes in several colors. If the label is your thing, you won’t have to resort to any color, instead, you have 5 options to choose from. Pickleball is played but male and female alike. This is why shirts for the males and the females are available.
Pickleball Shirt: I’m a Heavy Dinker
This is incredible. It openly brings out values that some people might not be willing to share. It however does this is a rather subtle and hidden way. This will keep those knowing nothing about it curious to know what on earth a drinker is. If you too are wondering whatever the phrase means, replace the word ‘dinker’ with ‘drinker’ and read it again. That is it. It can’t mean exactly so though, but the fact that you are calling yourself a drinker is amusing. It means you are living your own life without bothering what people say. It can also mean you don’t want to be taken seriously. That life is never serious at all. It also extends to saying life is enjoyable, at least when you can play Pickleball!
Now you have it. It is a phrase that comes with a new world of assumptions and humor. It adds spice to the game and you actually enjoy every minute of it.
Now you want it. Right?
You will get what you want depending on your preference; all from the specific color, you want the right size for you. Colors range from white to blue to green or orange. In fact, you can also find a lemon-color shirt bearing this phrase. If you are a lady don’t worry as women’s designs are available. A Pickleball is drawn on the t-shirt right after the phrase. The material is also durable and is up to 100% cotton.
Warning: I Dink in the Kitchen Pickleball Shirts
This is one funniest Pickleball shirts ever printed. Away from the warning embedded in it, it comes with words–I dink in the Kitchen! Just like the t-shirt above, this is for guys who don’t take life seriously, especially the people who enjoy a whole lot of freedom away from being monitored. It symbolizes drunkenness and rather irresponsibility. On the other hand, though, nothing serious is posed. It is just a way to have some fun and entertain your friends.
Your friends will certainly notice it and comment. It brightens the atmosphere of the game. And this will foster the friendship away from the fun the game comes with. If you don’t have one yet, this should be your next big step.
You might be wondering whether or not you will get the color you needed. And the answer is yes. This design comes in five unique colors and all the sizes you might imagine. You will get yourself a small size to 3XL for men and XL for women. You will certainly get what you need.
You also don’t have to bother yourself with the durability nor price. It is way affordable. This design, just like the rest, is 100% cotton.
Pickleball Shirt: I Have OPD
You must have noticed the trend with these shirts, they are funny and comes out outright shocking. If you have never come across such phrases, you will laugh literally. But it comes out normal is you are used to them. You will agree with me though that whether or not you have come across them, one thing that remains is: it brings amusement and fun.
The secret is one:
They make you engaged and free with each other. This is particularly true with this design. You are hinting to your friends that yours is an obsession with Pickleball. From the label, OPD is short for Obsessive Pickleball Disorder. This is for those who can’t do without Pickleball, the game is already in their blood. If you can relate to this, then you just need this shirt to speak for you. Your family and friends will read the label and allow you to be! It will also spice up your experience with the Pickleball.
What is more?
Away from the label, the t-shirt is durable and is made of 100% cotton. Women’s and men’s version and available all in different sizes and colors. It brings a classy look also.
It is lightweight and thus there are no worries with playing in hot weather. On top of that these shirts look good. It has double-needle sleeves.
Pickleball Shirt: Dink’n Go Nuts
This design might remind you of the shirts talking about drinking. You will be forgiven to think it is telling you to drink and go nuts! There is no problem in thinking so though, for all in all, it is fun and amusement that we need from such shirts. Well, if you want to know what was in the mind of the designer, take a step forward and look at its logo. The meaning becomes clearer. The logo is that one of commonly known doughnut maker. So the message you are speaking here is that you’ve got to drink, yes, but Dunkin Donuts coffee, not alcohol. This is funny, right? It spices up the Pickleball experience.
This makes, just like its closer competitors bears both the female and male’ design. It comes in four different colors. The sizes also are different. For females, the sizes range from small all through to XL whereas, for males, the sizes run to 3XL. This is its upside, you will get exactly what you are looking for. Whatever suits you, you will are assured of landing on it. You will also notice that they are durable and do not deform after washing. Its material is up to 100% cotton, this means the t-shirt is comfortable to wear.
Pickleball Shirt: Old Pickleballers never die; they just dink around the kitchen
What this Pickleball shirt brings out more clearly is one:
If you love Pickleball, you can play to any age whatsoever. There is no limit at all, and as long as the body still allows, you are good to keep doing it.
This label is thus a blessed assurance to those older people who still derive pleasure playing Pickleball. According to the phrase, you will not die, instead, you will just drink around the kitchen. What a funny statement! It can be worn by senior people playing it. Of course, the younger generation is not restricted, it is only that such phrase resonates pretty well with the older people in the game.
Both female and male’s designs are available. The only difference is with their sizes and their colors. The female’s sizes go up to XL while the male’s sizes extend to 3XL. The material is 100% cotton and is durable. It feels comfortable in it bringing a flawless playing experience.
There are a vast number of Pickleball shirts, but these are the best. You must have noted they have no direct relation to the game itself but are just creative sets of phrases that spice up the game. Since the whole deal is to interact and probably have an enjoyable past time, these phrases get you started by creating humor.