American Cruise Line is a company that I worked for few months because it’s a four-month contract

American Cruise Line is a company that I worked for few months because it’s a four-month contract, once the contract is expired one may have the opportunity to become a manager. The cruise entertains an older mature crowd and seniors. This cruise normally travels around the state’s river or an ocean closer to the land. There are fifteen cruises each one stationed to its specific state in which there’s only few itineraries.
The ship known for the floating hotel-like rooms which cruise along the rivers giving guest a comfortable way to enjoy historic views. The American Cruise Line is a very expensive ship to vacation on as its cost starts as low as $5000 per person. Most of the guest were known to be wealthy baby boomers and they really enjoyed their time in this cruise ship as they were surrounded by other guest close to their age with a wealthy lifestyle. Each cruise is located on a famous river in the United States, the one that I was in Maine, but there’s other river cruise in places like Mississippi, Alaska, Florida, etc.
The cruise is run by a strict routine to make sure everything is done in a timely and organized matter. I worked there as a Stuart and it was not easy as it is a very high demand atmosphere. The dining area consist of servicing guest four times a day. That means that as a Stuart we had none stop work and break only after work is done around 9pm to start work again at 6am. The way we were schedule to set up tables and service guest for breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner. For each service finish we as Stuarts had to clean up the dining area and reset the tables adding utensils, to than service the guest again. The guest would stay on the ship for seven days, so we had the same consistency of getting the dining area service ready.
Our responsibility as a Stuart was to serve the guest and make them feel at home. The work environment wanted us Stuart to work quickly in a timely matter. Made sure that all the guest snacks or beverages was steadily available to the guest. While providing services to the guest we had to keep a friendly attitude no matter how annoyingly imposing they would be.
As for the managers they were very commanding and expected a lot from us Stuarts. The sad thing is that most of the managers were never Stuarts, so they had a demeanor as if they can sit back and relax. In the Stuart position we had one manager, but for some reason managers from other positions such as house keeping would also manage the Stuarts just because. Worst of all some of these managers would cut their hours short and leave us with the heavy burden while they would go take their nap. The managers name that I will be using are made up to keep and respect confidentiality.
Automatically the American Cruise Line had a system prepared for the Stuarts, during the training the new manager is also being trained along with the rest of the Stuarts. Not all operational managers start as a Stuart, even though a Stuart contract is sixteen weeks with exemption of becoming manager if they want to continue to work for the Cruiseline which many don’t. The job is very overwhelming to begin with that many prefer not to work for the American Cruise Line any longer, as I seen and heard them switching cruise company. When I first started working in the American Cruise Line the original manager for this cruise was leaving for two months and was known to be a bad manager. I didn’t know what a bad manager was, until Janet came back.
While Janet was gone we had a new manager name John who was very cooperative with us Stuarts. John was great with planning and decision making, because for every new Stuarts that had a task to complete he would have a veteran Stuart work along with the new Stuarts. The task would get done in a timely neat matter because nobody was left behind, and we all worked as a team. John also kept a flow of organization going so we can finish our task early and had time to take mid-day break which allow us to nap before dinner service. One of the most organized things that John did was set up a list of tasks that each Stuart had to complete on the board, we would look at the board and know what we were responsible for each time completion. I believe John was a great decision maker, he knew how to cope under stress, and how to keep all of us working even under pressure without feeling so overwhelmed. John also cooperated very well with the Stuarts, whenever we fell behind a task John would come in and help. John knew how to follow the Basic Management Functions accordingly. Unfortunately, John was our manager for only about a month than we had two other managers who were awful. The second manager that came in his name is Carlos he really didn’t care about helping when any of us was stuck, he would disappear very often, and lastly, he didn’t cooperate with us at all, that means we fell behind in most of our task that our break was very scarce. Than with the third manager we were behind almost everyday not having any breaks at all. These managers even Janet was controlling in a negative way and leading in a careless way. I was really overwhelmed when managers kept being switched on us, being that I got comfortable with how John managed us Stuarts.
When Janet came back to the ship her management process was overwhelmingly strict and not considerate to how exhausted us Stuart became overtime. The first thing Janet did when she arrived was remove the list of tasks off the board, automatically the Stuarts fell behind on certain task that weren’t completed. Our timing was off to the point that we barely had mid-day breaks and was off late from work. I do believe that every work place will have the management process and need all four process such as planning and decision making, organizing, controlling and leading (Griffin, 2016). Each process should be done in moderation, but when a manager become extreme to the management process to the point that there is no care nor consideration, the staff can fall apart. Janet caused few Stuarts to quit on her third day being on the ship, her controlling behavior became very offensive to everyone in the work place. Her managing behavior was to downgrade and belittle the staff instead of noticing how hard we worked, Janet would add extra unnecessary work that wasn’t in our task just to continue cutting our break shorter each time. Janet needed to advance in workplace learning curriculum guides, enhance her basic skills, listening skills, communications, and speech as she fell behind each one of these. Whenever a Stuart needed to let her know of a resolution towards a complicated task, Janet would bypass our enthusiasm and be upset that we are correcting a situation when its being done wrong under her control. (Eric, 1992)
Interpersonal skills I find it to be very important when managing a staff. John was very good with that, even if it wasn’t part of our task to complete John knew how to ask us to grant us with longer mid-day break. Mid-day break was very important for the staff because it allowed us to take a nap in order to be energized for dinner service which is the hardest service of the day. Dinner service involved serving three course meals along with beverages such as wines and beers. So practically after Lunch service we would have to clean up the dining area and have the tables ready for dinner service, so once all is completed, we would be able to take a break in time around 3pm, to come back to work at 5pm. The other three managers lack time management skills. They wouldn’t take consideration on behalf of our breaks that many of the Stuarts were overwhelmed and losing energy. Some Stuarts were so exhausted that one would hear plates collapsing off their trays, some got sick and had to take hours off, and some even quit. For each time our staff were short that lead us to have more extra task to complete and our hours being behind which meant no breaks.
Along with the three managers except for John the communication skills were awful. Janet communicated with us as if we were children, she would set her tone of voice to sound like we weren’t understand her language. As for Carlos his communication skills were on a constant instigating mode. Carlos had a bad habit on gossiping towards other Stuarts and instigate a situation that was not present. That caused conflict among each other, some of the Stuarts who enjoy gossip would enjoy Carlos instigating manner, but another Stuart caught up to it and realized that it was not right. The lacked Diagnostic skills, in which they had to view us as a team instead of turning each one of us against each other. The third manager name is Jake he would constantly sit us in a meeting after work during mid-day break to lecture us on bullying. There was time that we would announce other co-worker when they were slacking on a task, because it got to the point that some Stuarts became lazy and miss their tasks, Jake would consider that bullying. Instead of Jake correcting the slacker or catching the slacker’s attention, Jake would instead defend them (Brink, 2015).
I recommend that American Cruise Line hires managers that worked as Stuarts instead of any other managers who trained with Stuarts to than become a manager. Most human have a bad habit of thinking they are better and higher than the other staff just because they are titled to be managers. If a manager is trained with Stuarts without really having to gone through a Stuarts job first, automatically they have this state of mind that they don’t have to get certain task done because they are manager. That’s how all three of these managers represented themselves, as for John he understood us because he was once a Stuart and completed the sixteen-week contract as a Stuart and became manager right after. I know this because Carlos trained with me as a manager at the same time while I was being trained as Stuart. When I saw him walk into the ship after John left, I had a bad feeling when I seen Carlos, I somehow knew that this was going to be a disaster. My judgement was right his role competencies was all out of order. (Holt, 2018)
A manager should follow a role competency which follow observations, behavior, knowledge and motivation. If manager like Janet notice that the task that was on the board was helping keep Stuarts on track with work order and finish on a timely matter, then why not leave the tasks on the board. That is acknowledging an observation on behalf that this organization was making Stuarts work fluently together as a team. Most of these managers do hold a bachelors college degree which gave them an automatic manager position without having Stuart experience. John had both bachelor’s degree and Stuart experience which made him an understanding type of manager in which results was different than the other three managers. John motivational competency was overall different than the other three managers, he already had a feeling of knowing what Stuarts goes through daily. His involvement included all aspects of proper job fit, organizational fit, and location fit. In general, the other three managers are an example of how motivational competencies cannot be developed. (Davison, 2013)