“—because every picture has a story to tell

“—because every picture has a story to tell.” –Anonymous
For those people who always captures every moment, cherish every single time, and loves to display stuffs, this easy Do-It-Yourself Photo Collage Letter is perfect for you.
In this project, the letter and pictures is symbolic to describe what kind of person you are or what keeps you interested in. You can give it to your friend, family, or special someone. Being personalize and creative here is a plus.

The materials you’ll need here are wooden letter/s, mod podge and a paint brush, scissors, picture copies, paint brush and any paint color.

• First, using paint brush put the paint color into the wooden letter. Check if it is really coated well and it’s your choice if you put another coat to polish. Set aside and make it dry.
• While you’re waiting for the letter to dry, cut out the pictures you chose. The pictures must be copied in a regular paper because it can turn into different color when the mod podge is applied. Make sure that you have variety of pictures. Landscape or portrait, different sizes, black ; white or colored theme. Be creative!
• Once you’re finished cutting out the pictures, try to slant and place it all in the letter. Avoid gaps to make it look full. Make sure they are in the right places.
• Before you paste them in the wood, trim the unnecessary edges of the picture then paste it with the mod podge using the another paint brush. Mod Podge is a decoupage medium — an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish used to attach paper and fabric to various surfaces. If you don’t have mod podge in your home, you can buy or look in the Internet how to make Mod Podge. Make the picture flat to avoid bubbled result.
• Repeat the process. Cover the entire letter with the pictures. Fit it all and strictly no gaps.
• Lastly, polish using the paint brush with the mod podge a very thin layer all over the pictures. It fits and sealed the pictures together. Wait an hour to dry.

Very simple yet special. Time and effort is the best nowadays. Perfectly, millenials always explore what is new, what is trend. This would be a great gift for anyone! Ready to display or hang it on your wall. We all love to remind and remember everything and through this DIY Photo Collage Letter, we made a unique piece that anyone can easily create.