Case Study

Case Study: Mrs. Franklin-Jones is a patient moving to the cardiac step-down unit today from Cardiac Intensive Care unit. Her recovery has improved as expected. She was admitted from the Emergency Room where she presented with a heart attack a week ago. She tells Nurse Julie Hernandez about the pain in her chest and her blood pressure, as she is settling into her new room. She states that she doesn’t always take her medication or read the information that comes from the clinic about her diet. Family history reveals that her mother had high blood pressure also. Mrs. Franklin-Jones states that she doesn’t take the best care of herself. She states that she may have to learn a new way of cooking from what she was used to in Jamaica. Tomas is unemployed and has more time, so he may have to do the cooking, she says. Mrs. Franklin-Jones works two jobs and doesn’t have much time between working at the school cafeteria and her new housecleaning job. Her sister will be visiting from Jamaica and bringing bush tea with her for Mrs. Franklin-Jones.


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