1.1 Introduction
This Project is a very good example of embedded system as all its operations are controlled by intelligent software inside themicrocontroller. The aim of this project is to control i.e. toON/OFF control of different motors, the electrical or electronicappliances connected to this system from anywhere in theworld. For this purpose user can use any type of Mobile. Thisway it overcomes the limited range of infrared and radio remotecontrols. Using the convenience of SMS and Phone calls, thisproject lets you remotely control equipment by s ending textmessages and all of which can be pre-programmed into thecontroller and easily remembered later.Short Message Service (SMS) is defined as a text-basedservice. That enables up to 160 characters to be sent from onemobile phone to another. In fact, SMS has taken on a life of itsown; spawning a whole new shorthand language that’s rapidlymany industries have been quick to make use of thistechnology, with millions of handsets currently in use.Seeing the illiteracy in India we overcome the problem ofreading and writing text messages by providing the facility ofvoice calls with the help of IVR system which would be morehelpful and beneficial to rural and uneducated farmers. Withthis in mind, we’ve designed the project to work with QuectelM95 GSM modem. Some wise individual once aforementioned that system could be a system wherever we will finish off the machinewhenever we’d like.
That’s the distinction between controlled and uncontrolled system. Our project is regarding create this systemeconomical and dynamic. Because the name instructed the automated management is for dominant the motor from remote place,look over its operational conditions; get feedback from the motor itself. Our target is to manage the motor from distant place bymobile DTMF tone and conjointly get feedback by SMS whereas it’s in ON or OFF condition. We tend to conjointly make surethe safe operation of the motor by police investigation the voltage of the supply and guarantee feedback from system whereas it’sover or below voltage. Once more we tend to conjointly get these feedbacks by SMS additionally. GSM network is all over in ourcountry that’s why we decide GSM network to control our motor conjointly transferring feedback data through it. We tend toconjointly use GSM network as a result of if we tend to use it then we tend to don’t have to be compelled to establish furtherinstrumentation for networking. To transmit feedback signals we tend to use GSM electronic equipment at the motor finishconjointly generate management signal by mobile DTMF as a result of it’s terribly simple to get DTMF by mobile station and sendfeedback SMS by electronic equipment additionally. In industrial sector we tend to hope our project is become handy and valueeffective to control motor and provides its protection.

1.2 Need of Project
Many industries have been quick to make use of GSM based technology, with millions of handsets currently in use. As new models with “must have” features hit the market, older models become virtually worthless and if not recycled, end up in landfill. With this in mind, we’ve designed the Quectel M95 GSM modem.Since it has very Good range an accuracyas compared with SIM 300 and SIM 900.

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1.3 Target Community of Project
• In Industrial starter motor.
• In Agriculture fields.
• Industry PDA
• Personal tracking
• Wireless POS
• Smart metering
1.4 Scope of Project
Problems caused due to the existed systems are doesn’tprovide any power status, motor on/off status. Some of thesystems are purely SMS based systems. But many of farmersdidn’t know about SMS.
So our intension behind is minimizing the work of farmers,improving the use of irrigation, maintaining optimal usage ofelectricity to provide an interactive system to farmers .The mainaim of this project is to provide flexibility to trigger the motorpumps from any location in an easy way.

1.5 Objective of Project
The main objective for designing the project is that to develop user friendly testing software. That’s benefits minimum time required for testing Quectel M95 GSM modem.Quectel M95 GSM modem use in industrial starter motor which is our company requirement.
Quectel M95 GSM Modem because previous GSM series SIM300 ;SIM 900 having lot of problem first common problems found in that series. Modem initialization time is very high in SIM300 ;SIM 900. It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes for initialization where Quectel M95 GSM Modem it takes only 1 minutes time for initialization.

1.6 Gantt chart
Table1.1 Gantt chart
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Literature survey
Scope of project
Collecting datasheets and document
Searching and availability of component
PCB Designing
PCB Making(drilling and etching)
Mounting of components and soldering
Testing and troubleshooting
Project Report Preparation


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