Company profile Dabur india Ltd is dealing with health care and personal care product

Company profile

Dabur india Ltd is dealing with health care and personal care product . in FMCG company it has become fourth largest company in India with turnover of 1899.65 crores. Dabur has 1.5 million outlets and more than 5000 distributor. Dabur has been divided in two major units.

1-Consumer health

2-Consumer care

Dabur India Ltd has 3 subsidiary company-

1-Dabur Nepal

2-Dabur Foods

3-Dabur international has been divided into Asian Consumer care in Bangladesh and African Consumer care in Nigeria & Egypth

Dabur is exporting in six 6 Major country across the border of India-







Dabur is having it’s representative and office in the countries like USA, Europe and Africa. Dabur india Ltd is exporting Pharmaceutical product in Asia Europe and Africa and it is also exporting herbal product in many European countries. Dabur has established its marketing more than 50 countries across the world.

13 modern manufacturing units of Dabur India Ltd


2-Himachal Pradesh

3-West Bengal

4-Uttar Pradesh

5-Madhya Pradesh


7-Jammu ; Kashmir



Dabur Brand




4-Dabur Chywanprash

5-Dabur Amla

6-Dabur Read toothpaste

Net income –

Operating income

Total revenue

Sales turnover-5,369.85( 2017)

Net sales 529o.65( 2017)

Corporate Address –

Dabur India Limited
Ghaziabad – 201010
Uttar Pradesh, india


+91(0120) 3982000

+91(0120) 3001000

History of Dabur India Ltd

1896- established 1st production unit

1919- established first R;D unit

1900- Dabur started producing nature based product and the formulation was totally based on nature

1930- Dabur took initiative in the manufacturing Ayurvedic product

1936- Incorporated Dabur Private Limited

1940- Dabur launched personal care product Dabur Amla Hair Oil that became largest selling product.

1949- First Chywanprash of india was launched by the name of Dabur Chywanprash

1957- Initiated computerized operation

1970- Entered by segmenting rural market of india in the field of Digestive and oral care