Energy is the most important source in the world

Energy is the most important source in the world, it is well defined as the ability to do work or heat transfer . The issues surrounding energy are its sources, production, distribution and consumption. The study of fundamental foundations of thermodynamics gives and idea about energy and transfer of heat through calorimetry technique. Calorimetry is a technique used to measure into and out of a matter. In this experiment we will measure heat flow into and out of matter by creating an open system and a close system of ice, liquid water and harm water respectively, and measure the temperature change of the system by placing thermometer into the system for 3 minutes at 15 seconds intervals. If heat energy flows out of the system , the energy transferred to the matter and to the walls of the calorimeter causes a rise in temperature of the matter. The change in temperature can be measured as the difference between the final and initial temperatures of the matter in the calorimeter.


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