Generally, the focus of this study is to determine the benefits of CITHM students in LPU Manila and to widen the knowledge of the future researchers about volunteerism. This study will focus on students volunteerism specifically in an ASEAN events.
The study attempts to obtain information about the qualities and requirements of a student to qualify as an ASEAN volunteer. The informants of this study are the students that has experienced volunteering in an ASEAN event and that have been chosen using the purposive sampling.
This study will be significant to the following sectors:
Department of Tourism – This research will help the DOT to create more connections with a wide variety of people. They allow the volunteers to build a new relationship with other people. Volunteering render the standards of the department higher and there will be a big benefit especially for the tourism industry and with the help of volunteerism they will be able to manage the department effectively.
Academic Institutions – The schools that apply this kind of approach will be able to train other students or people who would want to be a part of different kinds of volunteerism.


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