In the essay “Opinions and Social Pressure

In the essay “Opinions and Social Pressure,” it discusses the research study developed by social psychologist Solomon Asch in his efforts to figure out how individuals are impacted by the influences of the majority. From his research he gathered, that a large amount of people fell under group pressure, in addition to that he discovered that others at times may have also chose to go against the decision of the majority. As stated by Solomon Asch, he specifically wanted to discover how individuals were effected by group pressure. The experiment involved Asch gathering a group of 7-9 young college males in a classroom to intake on a “psychological experiment”, specifically in visual judgement. The experiment involved the comparison of vertical lines. The instructor showed two big white cards, one having a single black vertical line and the other having three different length vertical lines, that they would have to match back to the first line.(598)
The responses were read aloud in order of their seating arrangement. Each subject was then told to answer unanimously one at a time before the start of the experiment, except for one who was chosen as the highlight of the study. In the first and second rounds the answers were the same, but by the third round the subject began to grow doubtful and disagreed with everyone else. Resulting in the instructor starting to question the experiment itself. This continued for the rounds followed, all while everyone continued to agree with one another, causing the instructor to grow anxious. What the instructor did not know was that each individual excluding the subject, were told beforehand to collectively say the wrong answer. Causing the instructor to feel opposed by the majority, which made him feel pressured to question the study, to give into the majority, because it felt like it was the right answer. The individuals at times reported the correct answer, in order to not make the subject become cautious of their actions.
At some points of the study, individuals were answering freely, the highlight subject included. At one point the subject was independently answering, at times he had the decision to either answer with or against the majority. There were also times where some individuals agreed with the majority the entire time, and at times where nearly a quarter of the subjects, never agreed with the majority at all. How the individuals in this experiment performed, is very accurate. Those who are generally independent, did not engage in agreeing with the vast majority, while those who chose to agree with the majority are not able to break the cycle of following others orders.
The conclusion Solomon Asch reached from the study showed the great impact that the group pressure had on people’s decisions. Independence is a crucial component when drawing conclusions from this study. See