In today’s world

In today’s world, the term genderqueer and non-binary has become a term for those frustrated with the binary gender system. With more and more people identifying themselves as ‘non-binary’ comes the question if it is an actual gender.
Gender is based on three things. The first is body and is usually where our gender is first assigned based on our reproductive system. The second is identity, our internal experience and naming of our gender. The third is expression or the way gender is shown to the world around us.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term binary means relating to, composed of, or relating to two things. Binary people are those who identify themselves as either male or female.
However, gender is not limited to only two possibilities. Non-binary people are those who do not exclusively identify themselves as “male” or “female”. They could identify as none, both, or another gender entirely.
This essay will mainly discuss two issues:
• The views of different cultures on non-binary or third genders
• Legal recognition of non-binary genders