Massive activities nearby the mangrove estuary resulted in elevated the concentrations of metals and bacteria in water

Massive activities nearby the mangrove estuary resulted in elevated the concentrations of metals and bacteria in water. Pulau Indah, which is well known as busiest industrial locations, is introducing the potential source of contaminants in the water. Mangrove estuary is being chosen due to as study location due to its role in protecting of fisheries resources for food security and acted as greater socio-economic and ecological role. Besides, heavy metal and bacterial contamination in water also could pose to high health risk of health to the public. The contaminated waters are critical factor for evaluating potential environment effects such as copper and zinc because they accumulated in aquatic organism consumed by humans.
Several research projects have been carried out in Pulau Indah and Port Klang including (i) assessment of heavy metals in seawater and fish tissues and (ii) distribution and contamination of heavy metal in the coastal sediments. However, there is no specific research or study has been conducted specifically to assess the pollution of water in Pulau Indah mangrove estuary with heavy metals such as zinc and copper, nor for E. coli. Furthermore, no research has been performed in Pulau Indah mangrove area to study the source of heavy metals and bacterial pollution in the water. Thus, it is crucial to identify the quality and safety of water at Pulau Indah estuary to ensure it is within the allowable range limit. In addition, this research developed the baseline knowledge of water quality in the mangrove water in order to reduce the negative impacts associated with pollution of its water.
This quantitative case study of water quality and safety in the water of Pulau Indah mangrove estuary has determined the concentration of heavy metals and presence of pathogenic bacteria in water at the study area. In addition, this study ascertained the quality level of water around the major industrial areas and sources of pollution into the water. The data that gathered in this study provide the local authorities and respective individuals with information relating to how they may address the mitigation action. Besides, the data provided the baseline information on water quality at mangrove estuary Pulau Indah.