MCSI should carefully consider all present services

MCSI should carefully consider all present services, especially those that are not yet

breaking even and the service lines may never break even, and required as part of the community

hospital services. Reducing or retrenching the service may be the best strategy moving forward
and MSCI must consider, bearing in mind that changes in terms of service will require their

employee’s consent. Reduction in work rather than lose their jobs, employees may be open to

working shorter weeks, fewer hours-like half days – or shorter shifts. Reduced pay is a small

reduction across the entire workforce won’t be hard felt as losing one’s job altogether and is is

easier to retrench than renegotiate contracts throughout the company. MSCI may conversely,

freeze increases until the organisation’s fortunes recover. Voluntary retrenchment some workers

are more desperate to keep their jobs than others, who may have been looking for a reason to

move on. Voluntary retrenchment is also a good way of reinvigorating the workforce because

those who are no longer aligned with the company’s mission or values are more likely to

take the opportunity to leave

With 65 percent of the patient base on Medicare, revenue enchancement might not be

Guaranteed. A combination of cost minimization and revenue enchancement strategies through

Increasing the number of managed care contracts would be best orientation for MSCI.