My philosophy of education is that all students should have the right to learn and get a quality education through active involvement in the teaching and learning process

My philosophy of education is that all students should have the right to learn and get a quality education through active involvement in the teaching and learning process. Gone are the days when all teachers needed to do was stand in front of a classroom and “throw” notes on the board for the students to just write off.

Meaning of Education
The concept of education is one that has been dissected time and time again in order to present a perfect or close to perfect definition that fully describes all characteristics of this concept. Many individuals have created their own definition of education based on personal belief or through their own form of research. After studying to be a teacher for over 3 years and coming across many courses that speaks to education, I have concluded that despite what many persons might believe, education is not just having general knowledge about key concepts or ideas. In other words, I fail to believe that the ability to regurgitate a wholesome of information can be classified as education. I believe that education involves not just remembering information passed down by individuals but understanding this information completely and applying the knowledge skills and attitudes gained in the society. Therefore, it is safe to say that education to me is the development of all those capacities in individuals that will enable them to control their environment and fulfil their responsibilities. For example: If an individual is only able to define the term hurricane and have no idea how to explain its formation, the factors that contribute to its formation and steps to mitigate its effects on the environment then based on my beliefs that individual is a great length away from being educated. However, if this individual can define the term hurricane, knows the effects of a hurricane on the environment and practices the mitigating activities such as creating an emergency kit, staying indoors and securing windows, then this person is deemed as educated. Why? It’s simple this individual uses the information gathered for more purposes than just regurgitation. The individual ensures that everything he/she has learnt is being practiced in his/her daily lives. Therefore, it is also safe to say that when information is put into practice in one’s everyday life then that is a true example of education.

Purpose of Education
When one thinks or begins to examine the purpose of education many times the first thing that pops in their mind is that education is there to allow persons to know the unknown. In other words, education presents the opportunity for the unknown to become known. In fact, at one point in time I was also of the view that the purpose of education only extended this far. Luckily my studies in teaching opened my eyes and I was able to see that education’s purpose surpasses just opening the gates to the unknown. I now see the purpose of education as preparing the individual for society. When I speak about preparation for society this phrase can be broken down into sub headings which will be explained, these sub headings are: cultivating the mind of the individual, teaching the individual how to analyse the world around them and finally to aid them in achieving their goals.
Cultivation of the mind speaks to equipping the individual with all the necessary tools needed to survive in society through education. In essence it is ensuring that the individual is educated enough to be able to deal with any issue and or situation that may arise within his/her society. When I speak about teaching the individual how to analyse the world I am not making reference to telling the individual what is wrong from right or telling him/her how to view the world but rather I am saying that education should grant the individual the skills needed to ensure that he is able to analyse situations effectively and make the correct choice based on his/her analyzation. It is within all individuals to have a dream/aspiration. Now education should provide the skills, knowledge and characteristics needed by the individual in order for him/her to achieve that goal that he/she has in mind.
Teaching and learning process

The way in which the teaching and learning process should be done, whether it be in the classroom or outside of the classroom is a big issue in today’s society. Everyone has their own belief as to why the teaching and learning process should be done their way, and most if not all have given reason as to why this belief is indeed correct. After reading a few of these beliefs from theorists such as John Dewey, Socrates, Plato and Jean – Jacques Rousseau I also have my own belief of how the teaching and learning process should take place. Since teaching and learning is a process that takes place between the teacher and the student/s, it is my belief that the teaching and learning process should be one that is dependent on both parties. In essence my belief is that in order for teaching and learning to be done at the highest possible quality both parties (the teacher and the student/s) must work hand in hand. The student should not expect the teacher to carry all the way weight by himself/herself and in that same manner the teacher cannot expect the student/s to carry all the weight by themselves. Instead both parties should meet each other half way, the work load should be shared among them and by doing this they will ensure that when it comes to the teaching and learning process it is done at the highest possible level.

The role of the teacher