Question 1 Company need to consider these 7 design elements when creating a website intended for commerce and sales

Question 1

Company need to consider these 7 design elements when creating a website intended for commerce and sales. This is how each website element of context, content, community, customization, communication, connection, and commerce will be used to create customer experience. First is, context. The website that used need to have a good layout and good overall visual design, company website also need to be easy to read by the visitors and navigate, the colour scheme of the website is important in order to catch consumer eyes and the colour scheme need to be more appropriate for the company marketing design that suitable for them. When the company take a good care on their website context, it will create positive experience to their customers and facilitate customer with a simple step.
Second is, content. The content of website must be presentable and follow the trend in order for them to catch customer attention. Company need to have a good text used for website, beautiful graphics, a good sound, new soundtrack of music, and video that they present to the customer is not too old and suit customer feelings. It is based on the image of the brand or company and their major target market. Important for the company to have customer information and know about customer interest before create a website.
Third is, community. The website that used by the company is a medium to interact between customers and sellers through message boards and live chat. Nowadays, everything is at fingertips, customers can directly connect to the seller using the company website for them to purchase the products. Most of the company can give fast response to their customer, that is the way for them to take care of their customers or they will have reply as assistants to reply customer message or greet them while waiting.
Fourth is, customization. The company can allow their customers to customize aspect of the website or the customers can tailor the website by itself for every different user. For example, the company are providing a different colours and graphics for all the customers that speak different languages from different country. That is how the company want to adapt with the culture of different country and understand on what they interest on. A good company will understand their customer first before serve them. That will create a good experience for customer while use the company website.
Fifth is, communication. Communication is how the company talks to their customers. This can be done by signing up the customer for special offers, email newsletters, contests, surveys, live chat with the company representatives and company contact information in order for them to get close with their target market or customers. When the company have a good communication with their customers, it builds a long term relationship between them. When the company providing special offers, email newsletters, contests, surveys and live chat with the company representative, it is the way on attract more customers to the know the company products and have more knowledge about them especially when the company conduct live chat.
Sixth is, connection. The connection is any links that lead the customer away from the website. That is the use of promoting the company website to audiences. To let people, know about the company website, they need to spread the link to the audience in order to make them easy to access the company website. By click the website link, the customer will directly connect to the company official website. That is the simple way to find website that people want to access. It will benefit to customers and producer to increase the viewers or buyers and cut the time to reach the website and make a purchase.
Lastly is, commerce. Commerce is if the website of the company is intended for commercial transactions between customer and producer, then the website need to be safe and the fact that is how it will be safe is it must be communicated to the end users. Mostly all website is use a “lock” symbol in the corner to indicate that it has been encrypted. That is the way on how the company protect their website form unwanted situations in the futures. That is important to have a security protection for the company website in order for them easy to protect company information and their customers.

Question 2

Channel conflict is a conflict that arising between the channel network used by the company which is selling the products or services to the customers and the manufacturers. The conflict might also be arising within the channel used as well. Channel management is where the company form sales by hiring a network of dealer and distributors to get company products across to the customers all over country. Most of the top products companies are using channel management and a channel network for their company. Especially for new small businesses that come up with new product and idea, they need the right channel members in the right place to deliver their products.
There is a few channel conflict that arising between manufacturers and retailers when the manufacturers switching to use e-commerce in order to promote their products in the market. First is, frequency of disagreement. Channel conflict occurs when manufacturers bypass their channel members job by selling the products direct to the end users without discussing with their own retailer or over the internet through e-commerce. Different channel members have their own different goal and objectives it will lead to some disagreement between them. Both channel member need to remain on their actual job to overcome the conflict arising between them. If they have another solution to the problem that appear between them, it’s need to be discussed and get confirmation from both channel. If manufacturer want to switch to use e-commerce and operate by them self without using another channel member, they can eliminate them.
Second is, intensity of disagreement. Retailer and manufacturers more prefer to use different type of sales promotion tools. For example, retailers more prefer and concentrating on using price-based tools compared to manufacturers that more preferring to use value-added tools. But often manufacturers always been forced to use tools that preferred by the retailer and it’s not meeting the manufacturers own marketing objectives. Thus, the power is more to the retailer compared than manufacturers who produce the products. In order to establishment the trust and sharing of objectives for the success of products in the market retail environment. rather than focus on negotiating, channel members should focus on relationship between manufacturers and retailers for building and alignment in order to achieve company goal which will result in efficiency of both channel partners.