Report on Ethics PPT

Report on Ethics PPT (Mechanical)
Mechanical engineering is important to the society. The inter connectivity of the world with the role which engineering plays is discussed. It is important to note we are surrounded by items made with engineering knowledge. We should help the people around us as that is our goal.

Mechanical Engineering is a branch of engineering concerned primarily with the industrial application of mechanics and with the production of tools, machinery and their products.The responsibility of engineers towards society is also discussed. Engineers use scientific knowledge to fulfil societal needs. They work wholeheartedly to improve conditions of the society and work towards reducing disparity between different classes of the society. They have to incorporate their creativity and education to solve seemingly impossible problems in everyday life.

Dr. Richard Hopkins and his team at the Cardiac Regenerative Surgery Research Labs (CRSRL) at Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, Mo., are developing a technique for growing semi-autologous heart valves that could grow with a child throughout the course of his or her life. (autologous here means obtained from the same individual). So basically, a semi autologous heart valve is a valve that is artificially created and implanted into a patient once in their life time, and this heart valve will later grow and get adapted to the patient as time goes. So, it can perform the function of a normal human heart. This technique is very useful for infants born with valvular heart diseases.
When one of the heart valve malfunctions, the ultimate choice is to replace the heart valve. But the disadvantage of using the common artificial heart valve is that it must be replaced from time to time and requires the use of anticoagulant drugs. Hence in such cases the semi autologous heart valve proves to be of great use especially because the patient can undergo the surgery only once in his life time and there is no need for anticoagulant drugs. Hence this is one of the major contribution of engineers in the field of medicine which can save the likes of many people especially infants.

The heart consists of multiple chambers, with valves between each chamber to prevent backflow of blood. Over time or due to disease or genes, these valves can wear out and become weaker, due to which they are not able to function to their full capacity. This can be dangerous. As a result, the faulty valves can be replaced with artificial valves that can serve the purpose. The Heart Valve BioReactor is a device that provides a faster and cheaper way of producing such artificial valves.

According to a study around 1% of infants born have either missing or malfunctioning heart valve. Other studies suggest that aortic valve replacement surgery has a 94 percent five-year survival rate. To top it off, those born with malformed or missing valves will need valves will need several valve replacement surgeries. Hence the bio valve is of great significance as only one surgery would be required to address the problem, rather than multiple surgeries that each come with significant risk. In addition to this it reduces the time for the initial surgery significantly due to the BioReactor being a very efficient way of producing viable, growing valves.

We are trying to connect engineering with ethics. We are trying to portray how engineers must be ethical and moral in their work. Engineers can improve people’s standard of living which also has to be cost effective. Lastly, I would like to say that doctors progress when there are more patients, lawyers prosper when there are more disputes, but engineers progress when the society moves ahead/ prospers. The sign of a doctor is a stethoscope around their neck, the sign of a lawyer is a file in their hands, but the sign of an engineer is nothing in their hands and everything in their mind.