Should the arctic wintery weather prevent you from riding

Should the arctic wintery weather prevent you from riding? NO WAY! Here
are some tips to keep you riding safety during the arctic blast.

The basics needed for cold-weather riding is here, For those of us that ride
big bikes having a huge windscreen is an asset, And from my personal expirence
heated grips are a must for winter travel. Having good riding gear will help
in rider comfort, layering is the way to go a base layer with full leg and arm
sleeves is a good start. Don’t forget your rain gear as well, it may sound like
it’s way to much but think of the cold rain and snow trickeling down your neck
or up your sleeves, The ride will be much more enjoyable.

Of course one option is to leave the motorcycle in the garage and then finding
an alternet mean of transportation, which is probably the safest option.
But what is the fun in that, As being a motorcycle rider, we all want to ride
as much as we can. You also may not have the option of leaving the motorcycle
at home as for some it is the only mean of transportation.

Keep an eye on the weather is a goos way to know what to expect when you are
ready to ride the next. While out seeking to find that perfect road where the
scenery is breathtaking or just a ride to the market you may stumble apon a
snow storm, It is a good idea to pull to a safe place to re-evaluate your
situation if unsure or a newbee it might be beneficial to call for help, If
you are a seasond veteran of the riding community you may want to reduce the
tire pressure for added grip, Just dont go to low as you increase the risk of
hydroplaning on wet and slushy roads.

There are two main types of snow material on the road that we can see.
The first is the fresh powder which has not yet been driven over by any other
vehicles, the second is the compacted stuff that has now turned to ice.
It is the compacted snow that is the real worry, as this is incredibly slippery
and can cause you to lose control, fast.

When riding a motorcycle in the snow there are a whole set of new factors that you
need to take into account, as your riding style will need to change considerably
in order for you to stay upright and arrive at your destination in one piece,
without bruising.The first change to your controls that you need to make when riding
a motorcycle in the snow is to lighten up on your braking.We all know that when riding
in the rain we can easily lock up a front or rear tire if we are too hot on the brakes,
this is just increased tenfold when riding in the snow.