The Caribbean Area

The Caribbean Area, which is located between South, North America, Europe, and Africa, is an important transportation hub with frequent cultural exchanges. Many years ago, many people emigrated to the Caribbean, so the music here is influenced by Amerindian, European (especially Spanish), and African music. Spain and Portugal, two largely sovereign nations that colonized the Americas, have spread their musical culture throughout Latin America. At the same time, black Africans also brought their highly original musical arts to the Americas. In Caribbean music, there are characteristics and traditional culture from other countries. While inheriting traditional music, the Caribbean has developed its own musical culture.
The Caribbean music retains the religious nature of traditional music. They have many popular festivals from traditional African religion, like Vodou. Vodou, a religion from Africa, whose essence is “people-centered.” It embodies the passion and goodwill of Africans, which is reported to be tolerant of all human and cultural expressions. Vodou is based on a ritual or worship style and is expressed by dancing and hitting the drums. This expresses the sustenance of the faith and the soul of the Caribbean people.
On the other hand, because of colonial experience in the past, the people of the Caribbean Area are desperate for freedom, not yielding to oppression from the upper classes. They have created many infectious music genres like Reggae. In the 1970s, Reggae was the voice of justice in the hearts of many black teenagers who yearned for fairness, which brought them spiritual support. It is widely distributed in the world. In some rituals, their music expresses resistance to oppression through carnival and shout. In addition to religious beliefs, drumming and dancing are the outlets of their emotions, which allow them to be detached from being persecuted for helplessness and gain a brief moment of calm.
As time progressed, the influence of the spiritual symbols of these Caribbean music began to diminish, but its unique tunes and passionate appeal still prevailed in today’s world. People sing Caribbean music and dance for them. Spreading on the medium of music, it shows the unyielding spirit of the Caribbean people and the ideal of longing for freedom