The crucible play and movie share many similarities and differences

The crucible play and movie share many similarities and differences.There is a wide variety of comparisons from little things such as changes in the plot to big things such as adding characters.There are even differences and similarities in the dialogue.Either way all of these similarities and differences add to the effectiveness of the central message of the crucible.
The first difference that came to my attention was that some things were shown in the movie but only mentioned in the play.Which means that the movie in my opinion is more specific or in other words.Or in other words the movie goes more into detail than the the play.For example in the play Tituba(A slave or servant) and the girls(Abigail,Mary,Betty)dancing in the forest at night was never shown it was only mentioned through the dialogue a numerous amount of times by the girls themselves,the court,and some of the other characters. In the movie there is a scene showing the girls and Tituba (A slave or servant) dancing in the woods in the middle of the night.This scene was most likely added to the movie to add a more dramatic effect,make the movie interesting,and to keep the audience’s attention.
Another difference between the movie and the play it that Tituba wasn’t beaten into confession in the play but she was beaten in the movie.In the play Tituba was only threatened into confession.The movie made things a little bit extreme by showing Tituba being whipped but it definitely made the movie entertaining.
Some of the other differences include the relationship of Abigail and Proctor.In both the play and the movie Proctor is committing adultery.Where the differences come into play is that in the movie there is a scene where Proctor and Abigail talks about their relationship and start kissing but in the play does not mention the two kissing.Along with adding a scene of Tituba being beaten the kissing was added in the movie to contribute to the dramatic effect of this very suspenseful film and play.There is also a scene in the movie where Abigail goes and visits Proctor in jail and tries to convinces him to run away with her to the Barbados(Which she stole money to afford the trip).Proctors response was the next time we will see each other is in hell.None of this happened in the play.This scene added a lot of tension to the film.
Although there is several differences between the movie and the play there is also a lot of similarities between the two.One example of a similarity between the two is that in both the film and play most of the citizens of Salem(A city in Massachusetts) had the impression that Abigail was a saint.Even though her sneaky,jealousy ways and the fact that she had a super heavy influence on the other younger girls in the town really started a lot of the cases in Salem most people saw her as innocent.Which makes no sense due to the fact that she put Proctor a man she so claimed to love in a terrible predicament where he ended up having to choose between having his name being ruined forever or being hung for doing witchcraft which unfortunately he chose death over having his named trashed and having his children shamed from all of the people in Salem and the church.The court and the judge were planning on hanging up his written confession on the doors of the church which would have been very humiliating him, his wife ,and future children.The whole Proctor legacy would be ruined and forever looked at differently in the city of salem. If Abigail has or more so had so strong feeling for Proctor why ruin his life?Another similarity between the movie and the play is that the beginning of both the play and movie starts the same.They both start with Betty getting sick from dancing in the woods..In conclusion either way both the play and the movie did an outstanding job at portraying the theme of the crucible despite all of the little and big things that separate them and bring them closer.