The following schools of psychology have a lot in similar as well they have their differences

The following schools of psychology have a lot in similar as well they have their differences. What structuralism, functionalism, Gestalt psychology, psychodynamics theory, behaviorism, humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology, sociocultural, and evolutionary psychology have a similarity that is focusing on human behaviors more such very observational. The contrast between behaviorism and cognitive are the following, Behaviorism focuses on any physical action that it is a contrast with philosophy of the mind, as well as it was stated on the book called “Experience Psychology” by Laura A King, that said the following “Emphasizes the scientific study of observable responses and their environment… to understand an individual” (King 9). This is more toward how we as humans react toward environmental issues and that’s how we behave upon the thinking of our environment. The similarities are more in between such as that the goal is to transfer knowledge, emphasis on environmental conditions and highly observational. The process is involving which are how we direct our attention, perceive, remember, think and solve problems (King 10). Which all these processes involve the observational part of seeing how we remember and talk about our memories. It is something we see as we go throughout in live. The psychological perspective that seems it expresses how we think feel an act is behaviorism approach. I feel that this approach explains why we think, feel and act a certain way because we as people do not care of what others think. We ask for opinions but at the end we do what we want. As the article named “Behavioral Psychology: What It Is and How to Use It” by James Clear sated, “Behavioral psychology is the study of the connection between our minds and our behavior” (Clear 1). Behavioral approach is effective when you don’t care about other opinions. The influence of the theory affects us daily because it impacts our lives on a certain way. An example is the way that we follow the rules of driving through the streets of our city by speed limits and putting signals when turning. As to how companies make commercials on tv convince us to buy their products and advertise, and we decide to buy them or not but really make our behavior as thinking and more go based off others like beauty products, campaigns and more. As to what I think behaviorism talks and gives more to the way we feel, think and act a certain way based of what the article and the readings in the book state.