The Hmong people are an ethnic group in East and Southeast Asia

The Hmong people are an ethnic group in East and Southeast Asia. The Hmong are one of the largest ethnic groups in the People’s Democratic Republic of Lao. They are originated from China around the third century BCE. Hmong New Year celebrations frequently occur in November, at the end of the harvest season when all work is done, and it is known as thanksgiving holiday for the Hmong people. When I went to Hmong New Year festivals, I observed traditional music being played with hand-crafted bamboo pipes, women and men of all ages were seen wearing elaborately decorated outfits, and also watch bull fights and people participating in other forms of entertainment such as gambling, dancing, fashion shows where I saw different kind of designers clothes, Hmong jewelry like earing, necklace, hats and people were serving different kind of foods such as dumpling, fried rice, vegetable, fish, meat, and they also played soccer, and volleyball.


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