There is still no known cure for ADHD

There is still no known cure for ADHD, but the behavior of the children can be dealt with through behavioral therapy and/or medication.

Behavioral therapy assists in altering behavior patterns through restructuring a child’s environment, establishing a scheme of reward and punishment for proper and improper actions and by providing comprehensible commands and instructions. Some of the behavioral approaches that may aid ADHD child are the creation of a routine, staying away from disturbances like television and computer games, assisting the child in systemizing things, limiting choices, using goals and incentives, helping a child learn a talent and disciplining effectively.

Although ADHD was clinically described in 1902 by George Still, its main cause or causes are still not specified until today. The diagnosis of this disorder is still based on the presence of indicative behaviors – hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. This fact that the basis of this disorder is not yet clear makes the medications prescribed for ADHD patients dubious as well. The number of theories on the origins and nature of this disorder manipulates how people understand and consider ADHD. In the belief that the cause of this disorder is biological and has something to do with malfunctions in the brain processes, medications targeting the brain started to be a justified means of alleviating this syndrome.