Times have now changed for receiving a college degree

Times have now changed for receiving a college degree, many colleges and universities now offer online classes while still offering traditional face to face classes. For many of us it is difficult to make time to attend traditional classes because of certain life situations. Now students have the opportunity to decide which classroom setting would best benefit them. There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding which will best suit you. One must look at the pros and cons of online vs traditional classes.

One disadvantage of online classes is that many students believe they still have enough time to complete work and wait last minute to finish their assignments and don’t end up doing the best of their ability. Procrastination is not a good quality to have if you want to take online classes, students that decide they want to do online classes should have self discipline and self motivation. Students need to take into consideration that they will still need to participate in classroom discussions, weekly homework assignments and read over any class material that the professor has assigned. This gives advantage to students with busy life schedules to log on when they can and complete their daily or weekly assignments on their own time and pace. Managing their time is key to success in online classes.

Every online class policy is different, not all follow the same rules or guidelines on how to run their classes. For instants Arazion state university online, a student must spend about six hours a week on their online coursework. They can log on whenever they want as long as they spend six hours online