To understand how Natural Law is related to religion we should first understand what natural law is

To understand how Natural Law is related to religion we should first understand what natural law is. The best definition I could find was that “Natural Law refers to the moral laws of God which have been built into the structure of human nature. It is a moral guide to which human beings are naturally inclined. It is based on the concept of a final cause or purpose which determines everything’s proper natural use. It is one that all human beings can see, as it does not depend on a belief in God, or on God choosing to reveal it to us. If we need to see and understand it, we don’t need to believe in God, become Christians or study the Bible; we merely need to understand human nature.” So natural law should be our moral guide. Religious, moral and ethical concepts that are built on natural laws and Christianity teaches us to seek Gods grace and understanding.
It’s believed that there are three fundamental truths regarding human nature and human needs. All creatures have a natural inclination to preserve their life self-preservation. All living beings have an inherent desire to procreate and or nurture children and future generations. Humans, unlike other less-rational animals, have a natural inclination to seek spiritual, intellectual, and social fulfillment. All these beliefs and ideologies can be found throughout the bible. In the reading, something that stuck out the most to me was the public good. The public good “is the shared beliefs of a political community as to what goals the government ought to attain.” Since God created us all, and we are all members of the same species, then, it makes sense that certain behaviors benefit all humans/society or the public good. From all of this, I take away that natural law and anarchy are incompatible. I believe when God created us he gave us natural law. Romans 2:14 says “For when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law” which i interpet as natural law.