Valentines day is not just for lovers

Valentines day is not just for lovers, it can also be for friends, best friends or family. I wrote this letter for you, to give you courage to fight and not to give up. I know that it’s difficult for you to fight espicially when you have a seizure. I know that you’re tired in fighting, I know that you want to give up. But I also know that you’re a strong lady that’s why you keep fighting even though you’re tired. Maybe you know know it breaks me/us everytime you were talking about your condition and says you want to give up or you want to die. I easily breaks down and cry everytime you want to give up. But you keep doing your best to fight because you promised. You’re not just my ate, friend or best friend because you’re more than that, we treat each other as sisters, as family. So please keep fighting you promised that you will for us. And I hope that promised won’t break. Ate Jaz, maybe right now you know that I’m crying while typing this. I hate this part of mine, for being weak. I’m writing this to give you courage to fight but here I am right now crying. You already know that I love you right? Always remember that I’m always here for you. If only were near to each other, but, unfortunately we’re not. So for now I will keep messaging you, so you will know that you’re not alone that I’m here, we’re here for you. I’ll keep praying for you. Even though we’re apart, the memories that we’ve made is longer than the distance that became a hindrance for us to meet. I promise that our memories will always be keep in my heart and mind. YOU’LL MAKE TROUGH OF IT, YOU WILL BE CURE. Whatever happens you will always be my ATE and I will always be your BEBE. Belated happy valentines


I'm Simon!

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