When building relationships with anybody

When building relationships with anybody, it is crucial to use effective communication and active listening. This is especially important with young children. Whilst they’re developing an understanding of their world, they will have many questions and much confusion. It is important to dedicate extra effort into building and maintaining a relationship with young children to give them a safe place where they feel confident to ask these questions. You must ensure your communication is suitable for their age range, and you are using language they understand, while gently pushing them forward to learn new things. A good tool to ensure effective communication to help build relationships, is to use repetition. When you repeat something back, you show that you are paying attention and vice versa, having something repeated back to you ensures full understanding from the other party. There is a fine line when it comes to relationship building in a school environment. You must remember your role in their life whether that is a teaching assistant, or co-worker. You must always remain professional and ensure that there is no confusion, you are never a friend. Another good way to create and maintain positive relationships is to make sure that you are considerate. You may not know what is happening in somebody else’s life but what you can know for sure is that it can affect their mood and behaviour. This will in turn affect the relationships in their lives, possibly including their relationship with yourself as a teaching assistant.