When it comes to establishing

When it comes to establishing, building, or maintaining any type of relationship with others, I believe that communication plays an important role in keeping that relationship. In Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, communication and trust seems to lack throughout the whole family which essentially ends up introducing all of these different lies for everyone’s own desire. However, it seems that throughout the play communication lacks more with Brick. More specifically when it comes to his relationship with Maggie, his wife. Although many lies are said throughout the play for various reasons, I believe Brick is the way he is due to the most significant lie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Brick’s sexuality.
To begin with, in Act I we slowly get a sense of the unusual relationship between Brick and Maggie. This is very obvious right of the bat in the performance at the Center Stage as Brick seems to not be intrigued by what Maggie has to say and is not “even conscious of lookin” at her when she speaks (Williams, 27). Seeing the facial expressions in the performance makes it obvious that something is simply not right in this relationship and how Brick is not having any type of feelings toward Maggie. Maggie herself even notices that Brick simply doesn’t care and tells him “Oh Brick! How long does it have t’ go on? This punishment? Haven’t I done time enough, haven’t I served my term, can’t I apply for a-pardon?” (Williams, 31). Maggie is frustrated with Brick because she truly loves him and expresses her love towards him, but still gets nothing in return from Brick. Lastly, when Brick tells Maggie “I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. You keep forgetting the conditions on which I agreed to stay living with you” (Williams, 28), it is clear that Brick and Maggie’s marriage is in a way not real. The fact that Brick has conditions in order for him to stay with Maggie really begs the question of whether or not Brick is attracted to Maggie at all.
Secondly, in Act II it is clear that Brick is using Maggie in a way to hide his true sexuality to